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Window Bird feeding table


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This clear plastic feeder is complete with feed tray and three suction discs to secure to the outside of window glass. 

Size: H15 x W15 x D6.5cm

Hanging Bird feeding table


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Easy to assemble

Attractive design

Excellent build quality

FSC certified timber

SIZE: 25 x 25 x 25cm

Ground feeding table


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This sturdy metal feeding tray has adjustable legs, letting you position it as a ground feeder or raise it slightly off the ground to protect its contents from pests. Ideal for either hedgehogs or ground feeding birds, the steel design lets you add your feed in a self-contained pile, free of creating a mess on the table or patio. Adjustable leg heights

SIZE: H: 4cm L: 16cm W: 21cm


Free standing Bird feeding table


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Great for bird care and suitable for any garden and has easy self assembly.

Made from treated wood Boxed, ready to go!

SIZE: 116cm Tall, with a Table sized 34cm x 34cm


All in one Bird feeding table


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This all in one Bird feeding Station provides an all-in-one feeding, watering and bathing solution for garden birds and will help to attract a wide variety of birds to your garden. A very portable setup and the perfect feeding station to take out into Woodlands to feed and photograph some of the species that might not visit your garden on a regular basis.


All-in-one feeding, watering and bathing for garden birds

Powder coated steel frame Grey hammertone finish

Traditional styled features

Ideal for all types of garden

  • Contents

    3 part pole system

    Double bracket and Single bracket setup

    Large water tray and seed tray

    3 hooks for bird feeders.

  • No feeders included - Buy Feeders here and Food here - Plus if you are looking for replacement pieces for this proudct click here


    Deluxe Bird feeding table


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    Made of high-quality fir wood, this beautiful feeder is pretty to look at. The opening makes refilling much easier and it holds so much seed that you won't have to worry about refilling very often. What's more, the metal sheet roof will help keep the seeds protected from the elements.


    Hexagonal bird feeder
    Metal sheet roof for protection from the elements
    Fir wood treated with weather protecting
    Solid 3 legged base and easy to assemble

  • Contents

    Overall dimensions:

    113cm height x 40cm wide x 40cm deep  
    - House: 16" wide x 16" deep x 12" tall
    - Stand: 82cm height, 31"



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