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Bat Identification guide

A great 8 page laminated fold-out identification guide to the 16 species of bats that live and breed in Britain. Produced in partnership with The Mammal Society, it has two parts; a guide to bat identification in flight using bat detectors and flight patterns; and a key for bat identification in the hand. These charts are designed to help identify a wide range of plants and animals. They are lightweight and laminated to make them practical and robust for use outdoors. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these a valuable resource for all age groups.


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NEW Ultrasonic Bat Detector Assembly Kit NEW

Eavesdrop on nature with a little help from modern electronics. Who says you can't hear the sounds of bats? With the proper technical utilities, you can hear them – and much more! Build your own high-quality ultrasonic detector and experience these sounds for yourself! This assembly kit makes it an easy and fool-proof process: The printed circuit board is already fit with many SMD components. All there is to do is soldering in a few parts and connecting the circuit board with the microphone, the loudspeaker and the control elements. Up-to-date integrated circuits provide for high sensitivity and volume. And then you can go exploring: With the completed detector, you can turn the ultrasonic calls of bats into audible sounds. You can trace these fascinating aerobats in the dark to the places where they hunt for insects unnoticed. Not only bats, but also a host of technical devices emit ultrasonic sounds. You will be surprised how many inaudible acoustical sources surround us! Boost your ears: 20 kHz is not enough!


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Premium Bat detector

This heterodyne detector makes an ideal economical introduction to bat detecting. The large frequency dial has top illumination and evenly spaced frequency markings for ease of use. Specially contoured microphone housing provides enhanced high frequency sensitivity. Easy operation with one hand. Built-in LED torch, low-distortion loudspeaker, headphone socket, line-out (recording) socket.

2-year manufacturer guarantee.


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Professional CIEL102 Bat detector

The CDP 102 R3 has been specifically designed for long-term surveys. It features brilliant HD-Sound, external microphones and the stereo/dual option. It has a 2x8 digit LCD display and volume control. With the extended frequency range from 15 to 130 kHz you are able to record all bat sounds in clear audio, via any suitable device (not included). The external microphones are in an aluminium-housing with 8 inch cables allowing them to be placed where they are needed and are not depending on how the detector is installed. The detector can be switched from standard stereo mode for recording of flight direction to dual mode, where left and right channel can be set to different HD-bands. As a result, you are able to observe two different frequencies at the same time. In dual-mode both frequencies will be shown on the display, and for long-term surveys the display can be switched off to conserve battery life. Headphone and line out sockets for connection to recording devices are integrated. The detector has to be supplied by an external 9-12Volt DC source. It can be clipped externally to a standard 9v battery, or you can connect it to a custom power supply, for example a 12v lead-gel rechargeable battery.
The package includes: Detector, 2 microphones & Power-cable 2.1mm plug to 9V clip


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Bat boxes - Batteries - Nightvision viewers & Infrared lights are available on the links below:


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