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Wildlife filming and photography Moth Light watching products





EL4003 Moth light

Has a handy hook for clipping into your moth trap. For larger moth traps I recommend 3 or more.

LED light, runs on 1 x AA battery (Included)



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Instant bulb Moth light


Install in Seconds., stays cool to Touch and comes with a shatter-proof bulb.

LED light, runs on 4 x AA battery 2 per bulb (Not Included)



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Tripod Moth light

One 220-240v light with foldable/retractable tripod/stand

Mains connecting cable length approx 1.76 metres/5ft 9.5"

Height with tripod extended and lamp facing dead horizontal/forward, from centre of lamp to floor (working height) : 211mm / 8.25"
Length of black plastic upright only :160mm / 6.25"
Length of black lamp head only : 97mm / 3.75"
Diameter of black lamp head only : 65mm / 2.5"

Warm to the touch, best used in a large moth trap and it's also perfect for other wildlife filming, camping scenarios.



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Solar wonder bulb Moth light

The Solar Wonder Bulb contains two white LED's giving the same brightness as a 5W incandescent bulb. It can stand in your moth trap or simply detach from the charging base and use by hand. The solar panel charges the internal batteries during the day, then simply use the pull cord switch to light during night. The solar panel is completely waterproof so can be positioned outside and the Wonder Bulb set up indoors. The Wonder Bulb will provide a cost effective solution for your Moth trap with out mains power making this a perfect item for using out in the field on those summer warm summer nights.



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48LED Moth light

This rechargeable light is equipped with universal 100-240VAC power supply. This portable light is great for outdoor use and will bring in plenty of Moths from a large area. This LED light is adapted with a metal rack and metal shell which contributes to its durability. It also emits less heat, without the heat like halogen, so you don't need to worry about your moth trap catching fire. Can be recharged using mains power or on a portable rechargeable battery available here.


• Material : Aluminium light housing
• Stand : H Frame
• Battery : 3.7 Volt 1200 mAH Li-ion
• Beam Angle : 60/120 Degrees & Lumens Flux : 240

• Protection rate : Ip44 • Charge Time : 3-4 Hours
• Work Time : 3.5 - 4 Hours
• Includes : 240 Volt BS adaptor and 12 Volt cigarette type plu
• Approved : CE, GS and Rohs



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